Antec Value Solution Series VSK 3000B-U3 Mid Tower Micro ATX


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The VSK3000E-U3, VSK3000B-U3 & VSK3500E-P-U3 are built with SGCC steel ensuring durability for your next build. The VSK3000 U3 series meets Thermally Advantaged Chassis (TAC) 2.0 guidelines and is also equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, Audio In/Out, five drive bays and four expansion slots.

Building a system starts with buying a case, then comes the parts that goes into it, which the cost can add up very quickly. The VSK3000 U3 series is here to provide the basic platform to start building your very own system. It’s humble design and practical functionality contains the fundamentals for a performance chassis. The VSK line is designed to be a stepping stone for those who want to upgrade their system later on. Each chassis devotedly serves their purpose as a cost-effective, unforgettable part of your system building experience.